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Старый 03.07.2018, 12:55:53   #1
Wink watch tv online russian

adult russian tv. I feel that the level (not professional, and cultural and originality), primarily government channels (ORT and RUSSIA) over the last six years has fallen dramatically. See these and other channels (except of Culture - but mainly because of the lack of advertising) --- became unbearable. Although previously enjoyed watching even the 'Full House ..' .. And advertising seemed funny .. I wanted to understand --- changes mainly occurred on the TV, or in person in me? lito but I do not watch telly and when you come home - the new advertising. but in general yes - sludge was - sludge remained. alexshamina It seems that TV. I have a similar feeling. Almost impossible to watch TV. Even there is no high-quality news programs, everywhere one order. The entertainment programs flashed the same face. spiritmc While the people ignorant, of all the arts are important for us cinema and circus --- 'to Contra quotation from Lenin picked up. dmitry131 Yeah, you're still reminded that for them (and beyond, for advertising) we pay out of pocket - part of the taxes, then I expect to get out ... 24454max 45, Max Kraft, ben34rus, http://www.russian-tv-online.com
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good tv, http://www.russian-tv-online.com

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